What should I get, Scotts or Rekluse?

I am trying to figure out which will be a better investment for my 2001 YZ426. I am a new rider & want to make my days on the trail a little more enjoyable.

Should I get a Rekluse or a Scotts damper? I know most folks have both. Also if I get a Scotts is there any way to make my own sub mount using my GYT tripple clamp? The Scotts or BRP set ups are sweet but I just can't see spending that kind of cash. Having that damper sitting on top of the bars with no pad looks VERY painful if things go wrong for me. If I go Rekluse should I mount my rear brake on the handlebar? I know the remote mount perch isn't too popular, most folks say you won't need it after the clutch is dialed in.

Share your thoughts, I need some direction. I wish I could do both but unless I plan on keeping this bike for a long time that doesn't make much sense since I can re-use the damper but not the clutch on another bike.

The Scotts, as far as I'm concerned, is a safety item, the Rekluse is not. What I mean is, the damper could and most likely will save you from a crash someday, what's that worth?

I see you are a new rider though, that does make a difference. Some newer riders or guys without good clutch skills really like the Rekluse and in that respect it could be considered a safety item. The damper also comes into play more if you ride faster and are more aggressive.

Without seeing how and where you ride, I can't steer (no pun intended) you either direction. My personal choice is the Scotts hands down, but I'm not you and I seriously doubt we ride the same way. If you can find someone that has either a damper or a Rekluse on their bike and will let you ride it, that's the best way to tell if you like it or not.

BTW, you can cover the Scotts damper with a pad, here's mine...


Here's where you get the covers...


i would get the scotts they can help a lot. Plus i dont know how much research you have done on the Rekluse but some people either love or hate them.

Rekluse all the way! Get the perch mount so you can take off like everyone else. Revs high with the clutch pulled in and dump the clutch and get perfect feathering. You can start wide open in a gear higher than you could ever feather yourself. Those miliseconds others take to shift you are already in a couple gears higher. I start out in 3rd gear wide open and still spin the wheel if not careful on concrete starts I wheelie. It is a holeshot monster and if your into hare scrambles it will help keep you from getting arm pump as fast because your not messing with the clutch. You have more focus on the track,throttle, and braking. Being able to adjust the clutch on the fly is a great feature when racing hare scrambles and conditions change where you can decrease engine braking to keep speed in those open tracks or increase engine braking to normal and help with the tight stuff.Head shake on the other hand can be stopped by slidding the forks and adjusting your clickers. My friend just had his nose reconstructed because he smashed his face on the stabilizer. Fits perfectly in the face of a helmet. Oh and this was even with the new pad. If you are going to go stabilizer then get the one that's underneath. Engine Ice is a must for slow stuff with the Rekluse. Rotella T oil really works well with the clutch and doesn't come out as running as other oils with the same amount of stress and time on it. I have heard from some buddys that 2twocool works great as well but my coolant does the job.

i would get the scotts they can help a lot. Plus i dont know how much research you have done on the Rekluse but some people either love or hate them.

Most people who dont like the Rekluse have never owned one or even ridden with one. It is different to get used to. To each his own and I am sure there might be 1-2 applications where the Rekluse wouldnt be the best solution (I have tried to think to give an example of where being without one would be better, but I really cant think of one) Maybe if your name is Ricky or the rider formerly named Bubba they MIGHT do better without it. On to the damper, The SCOTTS is by far the best unit but the question is, which problem is bigger for you stalling or headshake? I personally dont think the shake of a 426 is bad at all in relation to some streetbikes I have ridden at speed. To me the stalling was more cumbersome even though it was not a real problem. My excuse is that I wanted to experiment with the new ideas. I tried an EFM auto clutch and it worked very well but required machining of the stock basket. When Al and his group (Rekluse) started building the clutch, I watched and listened here on TT. The responses of his cutomers were unbelievable. His/Their customer service was and is exemplary. Upgrades at times were free. The hand brake on the bars is nice! However I would go in this order. First the Rekluse, then the damper (scotts w/fender mount) and then the hand brake(the foot brake works fine in the mean time). And if you are ever in the Houston area, pm me and you can ride a bike with all 3 items! Cya

I think I would enjoy both products which is why this has been a tough decision for me! Keep the opinions coming, I appreciate all of them.

I have both the Rekluse and the Scotts damper. If I had to give one up it would be the damper. FWIW

You are a new rider? Then you probably don't need the Scotts right now. The Rekluse is the bomb and you will be a better rider just by installing it.

The Rekluse will make you a better rider, and in time take you to a level where you will NEED the Scotts. I agree with TD-3 and webercora. I race desert, and even with the occasional high speed, the ease of the auto clutch in the technical sections makes a big difference. Enjoy your ride! The 426 is one of my all time favorites!! :thumbsup:

I just installed the rekluse on my '02 yz426 & all i can say is WOW!! whata difference, especially in the tight technical woods stuff. makes the yz more trail user friendly. i personally have never felt the need for the scotts, have one on my kdx,but only because that's the way i bought it. to me it depends on your average riding style & terrain/speed as to which mod is a priority. woods riding i'll take the rekluse hands down.

Get the Rekluse. The YZF's are really stable when compared to other brands. :thumbsup:

Some newer riders or guys without good clutch skills really like the Rekluse

...and also accomplished riders that have clutch skills that are second nature to them.

If you are going to be riding mostly trails and slower technical stuff then get the Rekluse...hands down the best mod you can do for trail riding. If you are going to be running high speed stuff mostly then I would get the damper first.

Well I just ordered the Rekluse from the TT store, now all I have to do is wait.

Well I just ordered the Rekluse from the TT store, now all I have to do is wait.

Good move. :thumbsup: At least you wont have to wait long, usually the TT store is awesome. :devil: Thats where I got mine. :smirk:

I have both, but I'd say safety should always come higher on the list.

But I wound up putting the Rekluse on my trusty steed before the damper because I was having so many stalling issues when I first got the bike.

Self preservation and energy conservation you know..

But the funny thing is that I kept saying, "Holy Cow!!" after I installed each farkle.

I was amazed with the Scott's on how I didn't have any handlebar deflection on rocks and roots while riding in the woods, and on the track, funky landings didn't quite make the ole keister pucker up like it used to.

Then with the Rekluse, I couldn't believe how I didn't stall the bike anymore in tight woods, rocky or muddy uphills no matter how slow I went. Then on most tracks, I stayed in 3rd, and never even have to touch the clutch. It hooks up and feathers itself way better than I could ever do in the turns.


Some newer riders or guys without good clutch skills really like the Rekluse.

Or maybe people who are skilled with the lever and have seen the light! Less time wasted with disengagement means faster times. They said the same thing in Drag Racing, funny all of the fastest cars are automatic (electrically controlled standards anyway). I see a day when the big companies buy out Al and his gang and we will all get the technology of the Rekluse Pro. ASK FOR MULTIMILLIONS AL!:thumbsup:

I watched a couple of newbie buddies become much better riders with the Rekluse. At first I was leary, but then had the chance to try the clutch out for free. Arm pump is a thing of the past now and I can just focus on shredding all day long. The bomb for singletracking on a YZ!

I recently saw a video of a guy looping his bike on a jump, went off it with the front end too high and ended up on his butt.

For those of you with "good clutch skills" like I was talking about, what technique do you use to lower the front end in the air, and can it be done with a Rekluse?

I don't really want to get into a big argument about whether the Rekluse is good or bad, it’s like others have said, you either love it or hate it. For me, it’s all about control. The clutch is a very powerful tool that can make you a better rider if you learn how to use it. Anyone that’s learned to ride on smaller bikes, like two stroke 80’s, knows how important learning clutch control is. Take the clutch away from a mini racer and his lap times would probably double. Take the clutch away from me and there’s many things I do on a bike that I wouldn’t be able to do, or would be harder to do as well. And yes, I’ve ridden bikes with a Rekluse, even one that was the same year and model as the bike I was currently riding so I could make a fair comparision.

Like I said originally, I think the Rekluse could be a good thing for newer riders, or guys that want one less thing to worry about when riding, or ones that don’t have good clutch skills. I stand by what I’ve said, if you’ve ridden for years and using a clutch (for more than just starting and stopping) is something you don’t even have to think about, you’re probably not going to want a Rekluse. Here’s another question, are there any riders in the Outdoor or Supercross series that use a Rekluse? How about GNCC or even local hare scrambles, enduros or MX? I don’t know, but if there is I’m betting it’s not in the faster classes.

I agree that a Rekluse will make a bike easier to ride, especially if you have trouble with stalling (part of the “not having to think about it” clutch control skills). You won’t convince me that better, more experienced riders just haven’t “seen the light” though. I like my clutch and I wouldn’t give away a good tool. The thing to remember is not everyone rides the same way, with the same experience or skills, in the same conditions or on the same kind of bikes. I’m glad they make the Rekluse, and I’m happy it works for you guys. It’s not for everyone though, no more than a particular bike is perfect for everyone.

I have to be honest, there is a small part of me that is worried about giving up my control. I have ridden street bikes for over 10 years & switched to dirt recently, I enjoy my clutch, I also consider it a tool. Some of my friends may also think it is a little lame to go for an auto clutch as well but everything I have read seems to point to this being one of the best if not THE best mod you can make to your 426.

I am going for it, if it makes my slick northeast woods that much less of a nightmare then I am all for it. Honestly, I do not need such a big bike in the woods up here but it is a very nice bike that fits my large frame well. I think the Rekluse will just make it more manageable & if it does that I can deal without the clutch lever.

Heres a little FACT that most people aren't aware of. Ricky Carmichael was riding with an Autoclutch in the Outdoor circuit when he was with Honda. Auto clutchs Rock!

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