hi all new here

here's a few pics of my big red pig

full akro, talons & excel rims,wavey disc, airbox done, oh yeah running on cut slicks:eek: not so much fun in damp weather



Welcome to Thumpertalk, bungie.....

Nice pics..:thumbsup: What gearing do you have ...


Welcome! Any engine mods to that motard?

Welcome to TT bungie. get rid of the fork boots, put some skins on em, and get a fork brace it will tighten up the handling nicely! check out www.rswracing.com

sweet ass motard :thumbsup:

running on 15/42

#185 main jet

put out 57.5 a.r.w

no engine work done, gets very very expensive this side of the pond, getting head work, cam & 680 big bore put in,

gaitors are going, got a set of acerbis neoprene to put

Hey welcome Bungie!:devil: I will be motarding my xr650l in the spring. I am ordering the conversion kit from Motostrano and adding alot more. I think I will Love my bike even more!:thumbsup: Can you put a headon picture of your bike on here so I can check out the frontend.

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