CA plates- my TRUE story

This'll probably get long, but here goes. Dec '05 dicide I need a DS bike tho hang with novice nephew with a new CRF450. Really wanted the big XRR, everywhere I went, EVERYONE said "cant be plated in CA", buy an L. Couldnt bring myself to do it, had to have an R. Now maybe I got lucky at every step (really doubt that), but I started with a phone call to Ca DMV. Nice man on phone said certainly the R can be Registered and plated, just have to follow procedures, which he outlined. GREAT! Bought bike, BD kit, etc, then followed Nice mans directions. 1- bike must comply with CHP form 888, go to CHP get form, buy and install what you need to bring bike into compliance. 2- go to official state LIGHT inspection station, get pass certificate. 3- bring bike, title, light certificate to DMV, start fillin out forms. 4- DMV lady looks at bike, checks VIN, emissions, etc, and your paperwork. (bike allready registered GREEN when pruchased). DMV lady then fills out her form, sends me back inside for new TITLE, Registration, and Plate. Next DMV man then asks do I want DUAL registration, (ON highway and OFF)? I ask why do I want to do that? Answer- so you can ride OHV areas without trying to hunt down someone to pay your day use fee, as you wont have a green sticker with street registration only. My answer, you bet. An extra $20. for 2 yr, and Im legit to ride anywhere, anytime. 5- leave DMV with new plate, stick on bike, smile from ear to ear, whack throttle and go! 6- ease off throttle, get front wheel back on the pavement! (oh, I forgot the uncorking step, but thats another story). Some people who said it cant be done also said Ca. will revoke the plate, they made a mistake. I dont know about that, they seemed to know what they were doing, and gave me lots of help, so until it happens, RIDE ON!

they seemed to know what they were doing, and gave me lots of help

Of course they did. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your money!

If you do not do the second and third step BEFORE you go to the DMV you will be screwed forever on that bike. Get it inspected and the corect paper work saying it is good to go as a converted street leagal mechine. then go to the DMV. This is the ticket. Once they run you bike as a dirt only vehical before you get it inspected as a street bike you will be sunk by what the person at the counter types in the computer. As I have said before, I payed to have mine checked before I went to the DMV and then the DMV checked it and it was easy from there. Same Both green sticker and plate.

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