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hello , Ia m cut and pasting my 1st post from the ktm area as I would like some comments from you folks. I have been studying the new 4 strokes in search of maintaining throttle snap and acceleration but gaining low speed hook up. So me thinks new 4strokers.

New here. I have a 2000 250 mxc and can offer advice. I am a rider who enjoys trails

(easiest places to go for a boot) but also seek out challenging rides and tougher trails for

the thrill of it, My riding skill is ok and the bike helps alot. I have been mxing a couple

times and do occasional big air. The only complaints are at the extremes of the scales.

(It is funny to colmplain about the extreme rides where there are no trails and the

occasional huge air as this is so infrequent ,but still I complain) The bikes bottoms and

the chiro bills go up(lol,after my many visits the chiro went with me after we lined up a

new xr400 for him-which I have rode twice) the bike botooms but only on jumps of more

than 35 feet (I am 180lb) Secondly when I ride up areas where there is no trail or there

are rocks I really want to putt along, but a half inch throttle twist turns into tire spins

and not the torque forward movement you need. Ok ,those are the extremes ,the

infrequent ,but the excilerating moments. I want a bike as awesome for build quality ,as

attention drawing ,as fast ,a little stiffer in suspension and more resistive to bottoming,

but most importantly a little diiferent hook up at low speed trail crawling. I dream right.

Any comments from the 400 4 strokers, I am going to try the ktm 400 ,I would love it in

mxc with the tight ratio, but wouldnt mind opinions on the yz 426 and maybe the wr 426

might be better for low speed crawls. Oh yeah ,one last perfect touch would be an

electric steart.

any ways my 250 lets me hill climb in 3rd without shifts ,and I havent been beat in a

sprint yet. Just decide what riding is more prominent in your life and grab an exc(enduro)

or sx (motox) or the mxc like I did for the larger gas tank.

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Also go over to the YZ/WR 250 thumpertalk forums and read over the post their. I believe that bike would foot the bill for you perfectly from what I've read. Plenty of power and light weight. I have not rode the KTM 400 so cannot comment on it, but my curent WR400 has easily been the funnest bike I have ever owned, it will crawl up anything.


99 WR400




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A co-worker of mine has a new 250F (his last bike was a CR250) and he loves the bike. His only complaint is the power (he wishes there was more). Keep in mind he used to ride a 2 smoke. He is currently modifying it to improve the engine performance. I'll let you know how it works out.

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