I just got a call that my youngest son Joshua had a real bad get off in Glamis. He is in the hospital in real bad back pain. They are running MRI and catscan as I am writing this. I feel so helpless sitting here 400 hundred miles away waiting for a follow-up call. I know this aint a prayer group but if you know any i'd appreciate it. Thanks, Paul

You got it Paul been there myself, hope ever thing is ok.


Keep your spirits up. I think I speak for all thumpers when I say our prayers are with you. Its not a very good way to bring in the new year. Please let us know how things turn out.

Dave B. and family

Update. He has several broken vertebrae in the neck and back and a collapsed lung. It happened in the desert not Glamis as I was originally told not that it matters. I am flying out early in the morning to go be with him. Thanks for your support, Paul


My thoughts to you, as a riding father, this has to be the worse. And my prayers to your son for a speedy and complete recovery.

Take care buddy, let's us know if we can do more.


I too hope and pray for the speedy recovery of your son.


Your son is in my prayers Paul.


Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

And a speedy recovery for him. I can't say enough to make you feel better, but I certainly pray for him. And a little luck won't hurt either. LOL

Good luck Paulie,

You know we're all behind you! If you need anything just ask.


My thought and prayers are with you. I hope all turns out ok.


We'll provide a big healthy round of prayers from the east coast.

Me and my family will pray that all works out for you all, God bless you.

marty mosley

Paul, Sorry to hear this. Good luck and God Bless your Son, you and your family. Doug

god bless and good luck

Our thoughts are with you.


Needless to say. We all have the Angels working overtime on your son, you and your family's behalf.....God Bless...


Paul, my family will be praying for your son and your family. Dan

Paul, your son and your family will be in my prayers.....TW

Good luck and a fast recovery to your son.

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