Paul...God Bless and hope all goes well. George


My thoughts and prayers are with your son and your faimly.

Paul Have sent a prayer to the bossman upstairs, hope everything turns out for the better. God Bless to you and all your family.

Kraig & Family

Oh no. Paul, I've sent you my phone number via a private message. Please call me if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you out.

My thoughts are with you and Josh.

Paul, My thoughts are with you. I have two vertebre (s?) that were fractured from a couple of spills when I was a youngster and they do heal. I've also had a collapsed lung. Doctors have told me that they can almost always fix deflated lungs and mine healed perfectly. Im sure that your son will be fine. Please keep us informed on his progress. Your son will be in my prayers. :)


My thoughts are with you. I can relate as I too was hospitalized just before Christmas after a big getoff at a MX track. I broke my pelvis, collapsed a lung and broke a few ribs. I fortunately made it home for Christmas without surgery!!!But now Doc says 3 months no work! OUCH!I'll be prayin' for your son to get well soon!!!!

:) Best wishes and a speedy recovery for your son...... :D

Best Wishes..Hope it all works out OK.

Paul, God speed his recovery, and pray that he is not discouraged in the sport that we have been blessed with.


Hang in there paul. All our prayer's are with you and your son. Godspeed his recovery.

Hey all, I just got back tognight from Orange County Ca. They moved Josh to a Kaiser hospital in Anahiem near where he lives. They moved him out of ICU today and into a regular room. As far as the doctors can determine there are no internal injuries to any vital organs(except for the collapsed lung). :) They also don't think he will require any surgery for his back or neck. That is great news! As you would expect he is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. He has some work to do to get better but it looks good for him. He is looking forward to recovery and riding again. While were talking today, in a reflective moment, he said to me "that being the fastest wasn't a priority for him anymore." :D We'll see! I hope thats the case. On behalf of myself and our entire family, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and encouragement. It is very comforting to have friends like you who are supportive without being critical of the sport we love so much! Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Paul

"that being the fastest wasn't a priority for him anymore." I used to race and have the plates and scars that go along with that "gotta be the fastest" way of thinking! That's why now I just ride 100 + miles a day at my safe speed. My wife asked me what I get out of riding, just what is the big deal anyway? My answer to her was this.

"To come home in one piece after every ride." She didn't under stand. I told her that at any time you are involved in a VERY DANGEROUS HOBBY you might get busted up or not come home at all. And that a LARGE part of the thrill is going out AND coming back in ONE piece, to beat the elements, the rocks, the cliffs, the people going the other way, and any other SURPRIZES that you come across during a day riding. It's getting hurt and coming back that makes you have the additude that what it's all about is FUN and ENJOYMENT!!! Good luck and God speed!!!

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Paul glad to hear everything is going better :) Will keep praying to the BOSSMAN Upstairs that he gets through this ok. Hope to meet up with and ride with you this year. See ya on the trails :D


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My son Brian had a bad crash last New Years' Eve and we were afraid he had broken his neck. As it turns out, he was lucky to receive only a concussion and strained ligaments in his neck. It is my distinct hope and prayer that everything will be fine with your son as well. I know some of what you are going through.


Glad to hear that.

Prayers still going for you.

Thats great news, get well soon.

Wishing your son a speedy recovery,


Paulie that's GREAT news.


Paul thats geart news to get,and hope he recovers fast and that will be the faster rider.

monty :)


Great news! He will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please continue to keep us informed.

Itsamer: Good wisdom. I've been dealing with issue myself - try to be "king of the hill" or lay back, take a surfers mindset and enjoy the ride. I like your wording, "have fun challenging the elements".


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