Kouba King

Glad to hear the good news Paul. I know how you will be worried about the next get off, who ever it is, you or one of your sons. But I think he will be a better rider than he was before his last episode. You can't beat experience. I know, you are not having any fun unless you crash now and then, but where do you draw the line?

Again, glad to hear he is going to be fine, but you guys ride careful and have fun.

Tree hugger AKA Citizen Kane

PS If you ever feel like fishing for 20lb Steelhead or Salmon, come on up.

Paul, Thats the best news I heard all day :)

Blessings, prayers and a speedy recovery to you and your family. Fred

Give your son my regard, and tell him to hang in there!! Take care!!


No Fear?? Sometimes we all have to learn for ourselves. As a parent I guess we just have to be there to pick up the pieces.


Glad to hear he is headed to recovery.

Our prayer are with him

Take Care, John

This is excellent news! He'll have to take it especially easy though and let everything heal up right.

Great News!

Hope his recovery goes well.

gosh It's been close....I'm very happy to read that he'll recover....on his legs.....back and neck injuries always made us fear the worst....good luck

Glad to hear he is doing fine. Best wishes for speedy recovery. PS I can vouch for Dans comments also... no collapsed lung here but 3 broken/shattered vertebrae 11 years ago. They fix but give them time.... A little discomfort still bothers me but as far as being race problems !!

Glad to hear your son is okay! I know my dad feels the same way everytime i ride... but being way out here in the Philippines, my family will keep praying for your son's recovery. I hope he will be riding soon! God Bless your family!

Paul Azcona



Glad to hear your son is ok.My 15 year old is recovering from a compression fracture to c4 right now.It has been 4 months and with any luck he can start riding in a couple weeks.We and our kids are very lucky.We will keep you and your son in our prayers.Its kinda funny when my son broke his neck he finished the race.Had he not told me his body went numb for a second when he landed we might not have gone to the ambulance..

Kids are amazing....Fortunatly for my son he hasn't had much pain.Stable fracture time and brace will heal.

good luck

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