Swingarm/Steering stem grease questions...

I want to tear down the BRP this winter and totally grease all of the above, probably a stupid question but is there a specific type grease that is reccomended for the suspension parts? From what I have been reading it seems I can do most of the swingarm greasing without dealing withthe special honda tools that go for 90 bucks.

Take a look at the Honda manual for a type. Sometimes the suggest the moly paste that is available at a Honda dealer.

Usually it really doesn't matter as to the exact type. Waterproof is a good idea, an I either use that or a moly type grease, or even the moly paste.

I use Aluminum moly grease because of the linkage is often in water,

Go to www.mcmaster.com, in page 2022 there is a blurb on greases. After reading it my first choice was part number 1208K22 (the one I use) and a second choice would have been 1372K16.

Choose the one you like. McMacster has a good selection in stock.


I am not a big fan of Bel-Ray products, BUT...they market a very good waterproof grease. CRC also sells an excellent waterproof grease.

here's what I use, a 50/50 mixture of high temp wheel bearing grease and anti-seize. Just mix it real good, the anit-seize helps to displace water. Ive used this on my R for 3 years and have never replace and bearings or spacers and yes I put miles on this thing :thumbsup:

The swingarm bolt will tap out when you remove the nut(use a socket extension), you don't have to fool with the locknut on the brake pedal side. Remember the bearings are needle type, so push the bushings out only far enough to allow greasing and still keep the bearings in place. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys, this is going to be my winter project, as well as scoring some new rims for it as I bent the front one pretty nicely on a friggin rock. If I am not completely removing the swingarm what is the easiest way to get all of the old bad grease out?

Bel-ray water-proof grease. I use it to seal my air filter as well. I don't use any other Bel-ray products, but the water-proof grease is great stuff.

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