Best dual sport kit for an 03?

Ok guys I know this subject has been gone over a hundred times. Ive done the search and read many upon many threads. But none of them are quite what im looking for. So what I need is a dual sport kit that is DOT legal, not to expensive but I hold quality over expence. I need a new headlight and everything else to make it legal. Where do I look? And how much we talking? Thanks!

Trick Dualsport. Don't even consider Baja Designs.

Ditto! I run the Trick dual sport system! Fantastic product!:thumbsup:

Ditto! I run the Trick dual sport system! Fantastic product!:thumbsup:

+1 for trick

then you'll most likely want mirrors too ......

ken sean's got all kinds of great reviews but

I like the emco better .......

on the pic:

left side is emco (?) and flat glass

right side is ken sean and is a bit wide angle-ish

both look very similar, but the glass is a bit different

I prefer the wide angle on the right though

and flat on the left (to see farther)

they fold up too ... nice when going thru trees ....

(but dennis, you don't have trees at the beach!

well, when I come across some, then i'll be prepared)

and there's more pics at this link,

though I hadn't added any notes yet ..... oops ......


Now do I have to run mirrors to be legal? Im in colorado by the way. And does anybody have more pics of the trick system? There web site is limited and im kinda looking forward to getting the system so some pics would hold me over! Thanks guys!

yeah, I hope someone posts some pic for you, and the next guy trying to choose a bit of kit ... there's a few of us out there that does this, wish more would, it's very helpful .... and you're right, the website just doesn't do it like it should! none of them are really up to par ...... as for being legal, you should check to see exactly what's necessary for your state, then what you'd like to have. The WR is pretty much street legal as it is, with only a few mods to add. You already have a headlght, just wire in a switch to make hi/low beams. dc horn from the battery and switch. (hi beam might require an indicator light) rear break light switch. On the rear fender you already have the dual filament bulb for tail light and stop light. You might not even need turn signals in your state btw ....... dot tires .... mirror

I got my wr because it was so easy to put a plate on it ....

don't forget a licence plate light ... I found that to be the tough part ....

see my link to mods under my signature

DP bikes are the wave of the future .....

opens up all kinds of riding, but you already knew that ......

and some states already see that and are getting their slice of the pie while the gettin's good, causing bike manufactures to be 50 state street legal, and getting their slice thru taxes, reg and however else they can. til then, those of us that can, enjoy the good ol'days ,while they're here. the rest have to buy a new bike that fits the new laws for their state. bummer for them ...... hope that's not you!



Ya in Colorado it is easy to register a bike but I want a good quality system. I had to rebuild my bike this spring because of a bad wreck in 03. I had around 100 miles on it and pretty much totaled it. But the bad thing is I had it financed so I still owed 6200. So once I got it payed off (nothing like paying for a dead horse) I tore it down replaced everything and had it painted black. Put the best of everything back on and got to ride it twice this year. It now looks like a YZ so no tail or headlight. So long story short I need the whole package to get her on the street! So far I have around 10000 invested. But she is scary fast! And sexy to boot!!

then the world is your oyster, maybe go with HID lights? don't know if that's street legal though .....

The best kit is made by Dale. Trickdualsport

I believe you need to have one mirror. Some of the drivers out there don't have much respect for two wheeled rigs, so two mirrors tend to help you from becoming a road pizza. I pull mine off at the trailhead and throw them in my pack.



On the subject of mirrors. What is a good mirror that dont vibrate at highway speeds and is removable?

thru dennis kirk I got a ken sean and emgo fold down mirrors, one is flat and one is a bit wide angle ....

see my mirrors page here:

I'd also recommend a separate mount, not connected to the clutch perch or front brake assembly, just in case ......

Does anybody know iF a license plate light is required in colorado?

i beleive they are....

I really wish Dale was open today I want to order my system. I put in over 100 hours this past week and now have the money burning a hole in my bank account!!

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