wr400 clutch basket whobble?

Was riding my wr400 today when I noticed a bit of a "whine" develop and a few minutes later a serious rattle developed I shut the motor and have now started to pull it apart.

I noticed that the clutch basket has quite a bit of rocking in it and it appears it is hitting the rt engine cover as it is worn on the outer egde. The clutch hub itself has no whobble but there is about 1/16" of thrust in both the basket and the hub.

How much thrust play is allowed and why might the basket be whobbling like that?

I have not taken the basket off yet. I plan to do that tomorrow.


Now I notice what appears to be a piece of trans gear tooth lodged in the clutch primary gear. That might account for the noise and displacement of the clutch basket, but now I guess I need to split the cases to check the trans.

Can I split the cases w/o removing the rotor. Can I leave the crank in the mag side while I check the trans. How hard is this to do?

C'mon any advice out there?

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