What hand guards do you recommend?

Cycra makes the mounts that bolt to the triple clamp as well as barkbusters. When I bent the Cycra barkbusters, I bought some Moose barkbusters and mounted them to the Cycra triple clamp mounts. Clear as mud? The Cycras aren't worth the extra money in my opinion. They are unique because the end that mounts to the end of the handlebar are curved rather that straight like everybody else. I can't understand why they do this, it does't make them stronger or any easier to get your hand off the bars, odd in deed. Cycra is the only manufacturer though of the triple clamp mount that I have seen, that's why I went them in the first place.

Right on man, thanks for clearing that up! I think I'll give the Moose a try since they are half as much as the Cycras. I bent my other Acerbis Rally Pro today so they are going in the garbage. It wasn't a big slam but it was a wild ride. There was a rythmn section with multiple sets of 30' doubles real close together. It's one of the more challenging sections on our track but I normally don't have any issues. For some reason my nose dove off the first double and I cased the landing enough that I kicked it into neutral I was already on the takeoff of the next double when I got it back in gear and pinned it launching me straight up almost looping out, I cased the next double since I lost all my moment and that one took me down. Today was only my 7th day ever riding a track or jumping and my first slam. I got a fist sized lump on my right thigh and left a good bit of skin from my right forearm/elbow at the track but I got up and couldn't help but laugh. Heck, if I don't ever fall then I'm not pushing myself so it was a good day at the track. About 30 minutes later my buddy slammed on the exact same section but on the first double and had almost identical battle wounds.

Back to my point....don't waist your time on Acerbis Rally Pros unless you ride really conservatively and never crash. The aluminum is so soft that they will bend if your bike falls over in the garage. I think they are the nicest looking but they suck!!!

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