stupid award - I win

Posted yesterday that my scoot wouldn't start and compression was down. Got to reading a post from a month ago that suggested checking for rags, etc... in airbox. Sure enough, the papertowel I crammed in the airboot when I blew it out was sucked up into the cylinder head. I'm guessing the papertowel pieces will suck on through if there are any left. Oh well, been wanting to take the carb off and look around inside it anyway.

Gotcha beat for being stupid. At Hangtown Nationals it was really muddy. After first moto, we washed off the mud with a water hose. Stuck a shop rag in the carb to keep water out. You guessed it, sat out second moto because the bike would not start. Everybody was so happy with me. :)

Both you guys got me beat. The stories are VERY NICE and now I don't feel like as big of a dumb ass!!!! :)


I must say that you guys look like Nasa engineers compared to me. A few months ago I completely disasembled my carb and when I put it back together I placed the "slide plate" upside down. I've been told to watch out for this (I think by Kevin) cause the plate and slide have a key and a keyway where it looks like they go together. Well it's just the opposite. I ended up pulling the carb apart about 15 times over the course of 2 weeks looking for the problem. I had a Moto XXX mechanic look at the bike and he just laughed!! He told me that he had the same problem on one of his 250f's. Stupid, stupid me!!!!!!! :)

A partner of mine is a CLEAN FREAK and "ragged" his air box, put the filter back on and took it to a shop (a Yamaha shop) for some work. When they could not start it to test the work they drug it around the block with a jeep and still couldn't get it lit. I don't know who or how the rag was found but.....

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