Bike and health issue

Apparently you cant mention the word possible sale and have thread moved to the sale forum. I was just trying to get some response about what I should do about A. Selling my bike due to health issues with my right knee. B. Keep it and hope for the best from the doctors. C. Just say the hell with it all!

My delima is I have just put alot of money into this 84 XL600R with rebuilding the motor, new header, pipe, rejetted carbs, new tires, new chain & sprockets, new clarke 4.3 tank, basically newly rebuilt bike!!!! I know I wont ever get my money back, but what would be resonable to ask IF I were to maybe sell this bike?? NO THIS IS NOT UP FOR SALE YET!!!!!! If I decide to sell I am planning to get a bike with Estart as not to trash my knee any further.



Bill, I owned a 85 XL600R b 4 I got my 96 XR600R. I did pretty much the same as you with the engine and all the new parts. I got $1200 for mine.

If you still have the stock parts, I would put them back on and still get $1200. Then sell all the after market stuff on ebay and get another $1200. Part out the bike and even get more then the bike is worth. You should get $400 just for the wheels!

Thanx for the replies and info guys you have been very helpful!!!!


Bill, man what a shame!!!! I hope your knee gets better so you can ride :thumbsup: However, worst case would be do not sell as a complete bike unless you can get at least $3000 for it, which I am sorry to say would be a tough sell, not that the bikes not worth that, its that you would have to find the right buyer that knows exactly what he's getting. Not being one to condone parting out of bikes, but as suggested earlier would probably be your best recourse for recovering your investment. I just think its a shame, the parting out of a perfectly good bike.

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