Gas Tank Problem

I have an 89 XR600 I've been using the stock tank I went to put on the 4 gal. that it came with. Started taking the petcock off to switch it and one bolt came out, one bolt just turns in the plastic. I bought a new petcock for the big tank it works fine now.Went to put the stocker back on and yes it leaks now. Anybody got a way to fix this or is the tank junk now.

my guess, the previous owner over-tightened the bolts, and that pulled the nuts away from the plastic ... my advice would be to e-mail the Customer Support of whatever company manufactured it ... or, you could possibly try some sort of glue, epoxy, etc ... I'd go the 'factory repair' route, if affordable ... :thumbsup:

Yeah either overtightened or used thread lock. The trouble is the spinning side is still to tight to cut off the bolt or anything to get at it. I suppose I could clean it up and squirt some epoxy in and bolt it together and hope for the best. It's unusable now so I guess I can't wreck it anymore

The plastic where the little brass threaded insert is anchored in the tank is pretty thick, use a power drill with the right size socket/adapters to try and spin the bolt out while jamming a flatblade on the spinning nut part. This worked for me. To repair it, I used a Harbor Frieght threaded insert tool (like a pop rivet gun) and put a blind nut onto a small rectangular piece of 1/8" sheet metal. Then I carefully hogged out the plastic enough to have the blind nut fit into the recess. Then I drilled two small holes in the ends of the sheet metal piece and used sheet metal screws to fasten it to the plastic tank after pre-drilling 1/8" holes. I used some Blue High temp RTV on the threads just in case they didn't seal well enough. You might get away with not drilling all the way through to the interior of the tank if you are careful. I've seen this work on several different tanks/bikes.

On my street bike I had a similar problem on the fairings. I actually used heavy duty side cutters to cut the bold but you could use actual bolt cutters:bonk: (I don't have one). After you get it apart then put vice grips on it. A dremel tool comes in very handy for this kind-a-stuff. I have ground the heads off many bolts/nuts/screws to get something apart. :thumbsup:


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