Aftermarket PEGS...(problems?)



Just installed some of those "wide" pegs...on my 650L

Had a HE11 of a time gettin' them on...the tolerances were off enough to really cause me headaches.

On the brake side, the top head of the pin wasn't flush with the top of the peg by about 1/8" I had to leave off the bottom washer off when I put the small cotter pin back in. Springs back nicely though.

The shift side finally went on after hammering with rubber mallet and working it into position.......but if peg is pushed up near the's so tight that the spring won't rebound it back...need to do it by hand.

Kind of frustrating...they fit, but aren't what I'd call perfect. Since they're just foot pegs, I don't think it totally matters.

Your opinion?

Anyone else have problems puttin on aftermarket footpegs?


Had same problem; IMS superstock pegs' I left off the washers, no problems for over 1 yr.

Had exact same issues with my xrs only pegs, (I think they are made by same manufacturer as the IMS) spent a little time with a die grinder on the shifter side got them both springing back.

Are you all talking about the 650L?... and or is this a problem with the fitting on the XRR as well?... I was just about to buy a set of pegs for my 650R, and now wonder what to get?...:thumbsup:

Sory for the model, non-identification, I know squatpuke is talking about his 07 L model and I am talking about my 04 L model. But I think the peg design is very similar to that of the R models and as with many aftermarket parts you sometimes have to tweak them a little to get fit/finish/operation up to par.

I had the exact same problem with the IMS pegs on my R. Really frustating for a peg that looks so nice and costs so much. I do like them a lot better than the stock ones though.

The tusk pegs I bought fit right on there.

The tusk pegs I bought fit right on there.

That figures. Why didn't you tell all of us before we went through all of this trouble? :thumbsup::devil:

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