Kill switch wires?

I'm trying to help a friend install a BD kit. We are trying to hook up the kill switch and here is the problem. The previous owner removed it. So right now you need to dump the clutch to stop the engine. Anyway where do the stock wires come out of the stock harness and what color are they? Any help would be great. RJ

Should be a single black/white wire coming from the stock harness.

Thanks hypersthenos,

Then it goes to a green wire that is a ground I'm guessing.

Sorry, forgot to mention that. If you have further questions I still have the manual for my BD DSK.

black/white to cdi ,the other to ground

Thank you for all the help. We searched the wiring harness and that was the only two wires that were unpluged but it is great to beable to confirm it with you folks. This is comming out as good as I could hope. The hard part has been adapting the kit to use the 8 inch BD headlight that came on the bike so there no place to hide the relay, horn and front harness. But we are close to having it all worked out. Thanks again for the help.


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