Electrosport Stator running all DC power?

Anyone know how to wire a Electrosport stator for the 650R? I'm running all DC (HID headlights and LED brake/turn signals). There wiring diagram only shows how to run a A/C system. I bought it from XR's Only which they were advertising as a Ricky Stator, but when I received it from them, it had the part number from a Electrosport site. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to run a single output of 200W or so if possible so I'd only have to run one reg/rec

IIRC all the aftermarket stators are a/c, it sounds like you need a d/c rectifier, which I think BD sells by itself...

I already have all that. I have a battery and a Reg/Rec from Trailtech. The problem is that on Electrosports website, they don't have a diagram for hooking up everything to DC like they do on Ricky Stators site. The wire colors coming out of the stator also don't match up with what they (electrosport) have on their own website. The website says there's a yellow wire coming out but that wire is green on my stator. Very confusing. I was able to hook the stock wiring back up and fire the bike up, so I know it works. I just want to make sure that I have the DC side of the wiring hooked up correctly because I'll be powering 2 HID headlights (30 watts each).

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