How much better is a full system compared to a slipon?

I heard the stock header is pretty decent and I wondered if there is really any noticeable difference between a slipon and a full system? If not which ones do you recommend? If a slip on won't perform much better then stock then a full system is the way to go and what would be your recommendations? I've heard great things about Drd and then one thread discussed MRD but I think that was a slip on.

Oh and down here in Mexico there are no sound or sparky restrictions. I'll occasionally be taking the bike up to the states but not often so I may be able to get away with a race style.

The head pipe length, shape and diameter is what determines the powerband. A longer smaller diameter head pipe gives the bike more bottom/mid while a shorter larger diameter one gives more mid/top. I like the way the power is put down from my 06, so I just went with the slip on. It's less restrictive so it gives the bike just an extra bit of grunt everywhere but didn't change the overall feel of the motor because I'm still using the stock headpipe. It's all tuning. That's why MRD and Leo Vince offer two different head pipes depending on where you want the power increase. If you like it the way it is but just want more, go with a slip on.

It depends, I bought a FMF factory 4 slip on to start with and it was better than stock but the biggest difference was a power bomb header added to it. Thats the only way i would ever go for a full system.

To be honest I'm not sure where I'd want the added power as I haven't gotten the bike. I'm switching over from a WR450 to the YZ450 so the power delivery is going to be very different. I will likely ride 50-60% track and 40-50% trail but that's changed fairly quickly from 1/3 track to 2/3 trail hence why I'm gettting the YZ. I will still be trail riding and may put a 14 front sprocket when I go trail riding. I heard the YZs lack a little low-end power so it would be nice to improve there but I'm also going to want all I can get on the trails since I'm losing the Wide Ratio gearing that I'm used to.

Sound isn't an issue here in Mexico so it doesn't have to be silent nor do I need a sparky although it would be nice to have the option of putting one in when I do take it back to the State. It's not a deal killer though.

Given my scenario, does it sound like I'm better off with a full system, slip on or should I just wait until I've ridden the bike a while?

Most guys that ride trail and aren't super fast on the track could benefit from more low end grunt. Look at the order form for MRD Racing and you'll see how Dave operates. He gets your ideas before he sends you an exhaust. He tailors it to suit you and your riding unlike any other pipe builder.

Anybody have a link for MRD? Does he do two stroke exhaust also?

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