WOW!!!!! What a bike

I owe you guys on this website big. I almost bought the DR400S but instead picked up a plated 2006 650R based on what I have read on this site and others. Had to drive 16hrs round trip to get it. Test rode it and was impressed with the power and how nimble the bike feels. The bike already has an edelbrock carb, FMF power core silencer, Lynx computer and baja designs D/S kit and absolutely RIPS!!!! What an impressive bike to ride.I race a 250 2smoker and will have no trouble adapting. The weight is not noticable while riding. The rear sprocket was changed to a 38 and I will go back to stock so I will need a new chain (shortened). What is the procedure for removing the manual odometer? Is there a spacer I can buy from Honda? I don't like the way the cable bends out to hook branches and don't need it with the Lynx. Pulling the cable and silicone seems too cheesy for such a nice bike. I now know why you guys say this bike is magic.------------Rethy in Iowa looking for fellow dualsporters

I got pretty much the same deal this summer (same carb and muffler, plated) and drove 10 hours round trip to get mine :thumbsup: Definitely one of my better buys.

On my bike, the odometer cable was removed and I added a small plastic cap that came with my Vapor computer to seal that hole. There's also a spacer you can buy to repolace it at XRsOnly I think if you don't find something that securely plugs that hole. That spacer is $15 or so.

regarding the gearing - stock is 14-48 which is fine for normal trails. Single track may need shorter (at least with me riding), or a Rekluse clutch, for highway I liked the 15-45 I got with the bike when I bought it. I'm in the process of getting me a second wheel set and a new chain so I can swap from dirt to street in an hour or less.

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