White Brothers aluminum proII

Do any of you have this exhaust on your 06/07 and if so how do you like it and do you have any pics of it on your bike.

White Bros customer service is absolutely horrible. Just getting in contact with Rider Support was difficult. I spent a week and a half calling him and emailing with no response. Finally another man, the marketing manager, answered the Rider Support phone. I explained that my e series had less than 35 hours and the weld failed where the header pipe connects to the muffler. He said to send it in and he would have somebody look at it and find the cause of the problem (weld fail or crash). Later that week, the original man from Rider Support finally called me back. He wanted to know why i had not done this entire thing through him. I'm glad he finally called me back but a 1 week too late and 2 1/2 weeks after I had first called him. Anyway, i still don't know if it can be rewelded because the man hasn't called back when he said he would. My muffler has been broken for 4 weeks and it still isn't fixed. I will not buy another White Bros exhaust and will not recommend them to anyone. Both, their product and customer service failed me.

I am glad you shared that with me. I have had nothing but wonderful support from DR.D. His wife Gena helped me and made me feel like I was somebody. That made my decision, I will go with the DR.D and take there awesome riders support package.

What is their rider support package?

I got a offer through sponsorhouse.com from DR.D and it is a nice offer!

would it be possible for just a little bit more detail, or this top secret or something?

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