xr 600 problems..help

i had the cam sproket shear off and damage the head,so i brought a new head androcker box(which did not have a decompressor????off a dominator?) now the bike wont run,my mate put it together so im not sure whats he's done,when you kick it over it seems to lack compression,althogh you can hear the induction and feel tdc,i know the piston is fine as i saw it before it went back together...my thoughts are that the timing is out and a valve is still just open before tdc? maybee valve clearances,not quite shutting?


I would recheck the valve clearances first, but probably you have the cam timing wrong, recheck it.

Welcome to TT, gixercarl..I agree, check the valve lash..


thank you:applause:

so does that mean the dominator head is ok on this bike?

so does that mean the dominator head is ok on this bike?

No, but it may be. I'd turn the motor to TDC as indicated by the timing marks in the hole in the stator side of the motor case. It is the hole in the top right of the round part of the case that has what looks like a big flat headed screw in it. Then look at the timing marks on the cam sprocket if they are all lined up I think the head is incompatable. I would think it would work but I don;t know as the Dominator was an NX650 and this is an XR600R isn't it? The XX is an XL motor, not an XR motor.

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