When all my mods have been done....

Now what the hell should I do? Got em all, (I think), done now, and its too friggin cold to ride- 20 degrees, (yeah Im a wuss), and Im tired of sitting in the garage idling! Now what should I do? I already watched Terrafirma 7 ten times!!! I did everything except a complete teardown, so now what?


Buy yourself motocross madness and/or motocross madness 2.

I really love whipping my bike in the air...and actually surviving!

I really do enjoy the game!

Never tried it on-line. Need cable modem!

Thats funny. Ive been playing N64 SX2000 for about a year or so, and its just no fun when you win all the time!! Im also getting bore of the same stadium tracks. Maybe its time for an XBOX? I hear the RC game is pretty hot.


Dude, your solution is starting at you right in the face. Layer up and go riding! Grip heaters, goretex socks, and a thin headcover (balaclava) is all you need to be comfy in cold weather if you layer your clothes. You don't need as many clothes as you think, your body will warm up significantly during riding. Your extemities will be cold unless you take precautions.

Plus imagine all that HP you're going to see from the oxygen rich, low humidity winter air.


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