06 WR450 Things I should check

I'm wondering if I shouldn't take off the right hand side engine cover and pump etc to check the tightness of the crankshaft nut. I've heard of them coming loose on earlier models.

Any thoughts or experience anyone?

I have not heard of this but am very interested if it's true.... Anyone???

I had one come loose on my 03. Luckily I was going slow because when it came loose it screwed off against the case and felt like a ceased engine. I immediately stopped the engine and it wouldn't even turn over with the foot starter. After I opened it up I seen the lock washer had actually broke and went through the gears.

how hard is it to get to and do you need new gaskets before reassembling?......any special tools required?

this is the same type of sound I have been hearing on my 05. Kind on a whining/growling noise that sounds like a dry bearing. It is coming from the right side of the engine. I also want to know what is involved in taking it apart to inspect it.


Looking at the manual, it looks like you have to remove all the goodies and then the right crank case cover as the crankshaft nut is hidden behind the water pump....I think since the dealer told me not to worry and the noise was documented while on warranty.......I don't think i'll be pulling those covers off too soon.....but your noise MN_Paul may be different.

Warranty? my dealer said competition bikes (like ours) don't come with any......

WR is considered a race bike so its warranty is normally 30 days after purchase but standard bikes are 90 days. Check out your manual.

Kewl, Yamaha's usually never need any warranty work done anyhow. :thumbsup:

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