2006 Xr650r

My bike is brand new how long should I break it in before uncorking

Congrads. I was pretty disappointed in the bike at first. Before uncorking it overheated and was hard to start. Since uncorking starts within a kick or two and no overheating. Did it about a year and half ago.

I did mine within 100 miles. But take get more opinions from some of the more experienced guys in the forum. I understand that the only reason Honda sells in this condition is due to air regs and it is not the way it is supposed to run - for $70 and a few hours it's a whole new machine.

I used to live across the lake in WI.

bought mine uncorked right from the dealer Berkeley Honda and plated

Never rode mine corked.

I bought my 06 brand new and ran it hard from day one.

My previous bike was a KLR and I followed the break in to a T...dont go above 3k rmp for the first 500miles, then dont go above 4k for the next 500miles... It wasnt that boring because it was my first bike and i was learning to ride.

On the xrr I worked it pretty hard from day one and its still running great over 6000 miles later...pulls like a monter (roll on wheelies in 4th) burning no oil that I can tell. :bonk:

Uncork it ASAP!!! the bike sucks stock and like the other posters said it runs better. I waited like 300+ miles before uncorking and what a waste. It use to boil over before it was uncorked...now, no problems.

Do it now or else!!!!:smirk::thumbsup::smirk::devil::cry:

Break in was about 15 minutes and I have 17k desert miles on it as of today.

Hey Gringo: I uncorked my 06 as soon as I got it home. Then I rode the shit out of it :thumbsup: . (I changed the oil after the first ride though).

Sweet I getting out the hole saw

Thanks too all

I looks like winter is not showing up here in Michigan

so time to ride :thumbsup:

Never rode mine corked.

Ditto here...Had about $900 of aftermarket parts bought and waiting before I bought the bike, never rode her, got home from the dealer and straight to the garage for a horse power make-over!

There is not reason to wait, I recommend not waiting at all.

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