650 R Dual Sport Gearing & Fun factor?

Hello Everyone!...

I have a 07 650 R that has been uncorked, all the way!..I have changed the front sprocket from 14t to 15t..rear is stock..I live in TN..Oh yeah..I have it plated and ride at lot of dirt roads...(There are still alot of unpaved public roads here). What is the gearing that some of the you guys use (sprocket size) I would like to be able to travel at least 75 mph without overreving(and wasting gas)??..And still be able to pull the front wheel at least in second or third.. I guess my question is...What are some gearing ratios and their good and bad points?? And the Fun Factor?


I run 15/45 gearing which greatly helped at highway speeds. I have taken it to the local ORV for some semi-tight trails with no probs. Still has all the power you will need. Only drawback would be for technical trails with switchbacks but dirt roads & skidder trails are no problem.

I run 15/48.Seems to work pretty well for gravel and can still

do some tight trail when needed.

Where in Tn are ya? I'm just south of memphis.

If your somewhere near, I'll show ya my routes if ya show me yours.:thumbsup:



I am in columbia, which is about 40 miles southwest of nashville..

i did the stock gearing and liked it but much like you wanted better speed at 70. so like alot of people on this site i went to 15-45. that gearing pretty much killed all the fun the bike was. my bike is uncorked with edelbrock and it just mellowed the bike out way to much and made it a clutch machine off road. what i am going to do next season is get a 48 rear and a 13 front. anytime i want to do some good off-roading i will put on the 13 front but for the street i will use the 15 48 gearing. i think that should be the perfect compromise.

i think everyones definition of tight trails differ which is the problem with getting opinions on this.

What size chain for a 13/45 or 13/48? Can you keep the same 110 link for both?

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