New 400 owner

Hey guys, just got a 99' YZ400F today. My first dirt bike. I have very little dirt bike experience, but I owned a 2002 300EX for a couple years, and have about 20,000 street bike miles under my belt.

Just wanted to introduce myself, and post a few pics. I will be on here a whole bunch. One question also. I did a few hot laps down my street (:thumbsup: ) and at one point, I was in neutral and was looking behind me while stopped. I reach to depress the clutch and hit the decompression lever on accident. The engine died immediately. It did start right up on the first or second kick however. Should I be worried? Thanks!




Nice clean looking bike, and no pulling in the lever didnt do any damage.

Welcome to TT.

Nice bike, very clean. I'd recommend getting rid of the decompression lever. Check the top of the page, grayracer has started a thread that has links to all the FAQ about the YZF's.

I have those same graphics and if there new the tank wil look good for a couple of weeks and the bubble badly the the white part on the tank will turn brownish. I put my new graphics on my 426 went on a trip for a week came back and the tank was all bubbled. But very nice bike.

Thanks guys.

How does that affect starting, with the lever removed?

Also, I heard that a blow dryer can get rid of the faded areas of the blue plastics. Is this true?

you have to change cams to get rid of decomp lever. I just bought a like 99 yz400f, you will learn they are a different beast. Get a manual on it as some of the specs and maint. is different. I am really growing to love mine. It appears to still have the stock head pipe on it, the bad thing about that is you have to remove it to change the oil filter. If you find a 426 head pipe it fixes that. Also.... make sure your coolant is fresh, i put engine ice in mine, and don't ride the bike slow as these bikes are prone to overheat and puke fluid in slow tight riding. I guess you have been taught the starting drill, if not do a search and practice starting it and you will enjoy it more.

Welcome to the club SpceSpff. Nice 400, i don't think i could get mine that clean if i tore it down & split the cases. just position the decomp lever up away from the clutch so you aren't able to grab it by accident. you need that, or the auto decomp cam conversion to fire the beast. have fun...

nice i wish my yz 400f looked that sweet but i go through mud with mine so it wouldnt be clean long lol . how much did u pay for ures and dont they seenm just alittle underpowerd but alsome bikes tho just get use to cluching it in the woods that dam high first gear lol. enjoy that beast

Very nice. I ride a 98'. Yamaha knew what they were doing when they made these. Except for the weight part.

Given the frame of reference at the time, even the weight wasn't bad. Compare to a TT500 or older bikes without the suspension, etc. I remember people were properly astounded by the '71 BSA Victor weighing less than 280. Remember too, the 400 won the SX championship in it's first year. How big a shock do you think that was?

Awesome bike, man. Really clean.

What does the 400 weigh? 250 or so? I was looking to buy an XR650 before this, so this will be a breeze compared to the XR's weight. That, and, my Ninja weighs about 360 pounds. I think with my size and physical abilities I'll be OK. I can't wait to take it out this weekend and see just how fast it really is :thumbsup:

I got the bike for $2400, and that included 4 new NO Toil air filters, a pair of used once Thor boots, 3 black front fenders, a black rear fender, brand new Smith goggles, spare rotor, and a quart of oil. Got the owners manual too. I think I got a great deal. Rear tire is brand new also.

i think mine,99 yz400f, in the manual says 245 without fuel, but don't hold me to that. Man that bike is clean !!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels a little heavy, loading and unloading, as compared to my rmx250, but once you start riding it, that all goes away. I have an endurance computer on mine and most of our trail riding is pretty tight, but we hit 60 pretty regular. I think I read somewhere the top speed was in the 80's.



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