06 YZF plastics on 07 WRF?

I have my new WR450F on order and went to get some aftermarket plastics for it, just side shouds and front mudguard so I can keep my original ones looking nice. The guy i get them through said he can get 06 YZF plastics and im wondering if the radiator shrouds and front guard will fit up to my 07 WRF?

The YZ450 shrouds will not fit but the front fender will. Trust me I have allready tried.




Only front fender.

Rosta WR


Hey guys - What about if you switched the tank - I know clarke makes stock size YZ tanks - if the YZ tank would fit, then the shrouds should bolt on, shouldn't they?

I'm very interested in this issue myself, because if I can't find a lighting coil for a 07 YZF I might have to go with a WR, but I REALLY wanted to do the yellow Hurricane plastics and graphics.

Hey guys - What about if you switched the tank - I know clarke makes stock size YZ tanks - if the YZ tank would fit, then the shrouds should bolt on, shouldn't they?

Glad you asked :lol: I just bought the IMS 3.1 and the frigging thing needs the YZ shrouds to go with it. $30 for the shrouds and if you go with the stock Yami graphics approx $60 EACH SIDE:eek: I ended up buying the Factory Effex OEM replica shroud graphics for $40 for the set.

So, does the IMS bolt right up (other than the shrouds)? Does the stock seat fit?

So, does the IMS bolt right up (other than the shrouds)? Does the stock seat fit?

For the most part. You will have to deepen the slot under the seat that fits into the tank post as IMS placed that thing a smidge too far back. You can force it on and once it's bolted down it looks fine, but I choose to deepen the slot in the seat pan to make it easily fit.


I´m also with this very annoying problem...

Today I tryed to dress my WR 2007 in white with YZ 2006/7 plastics.. and... only the front fender and the number plate are ok.

I´m really sad. (I order a YZ white graphics Doug Henry "one" look-a-like to my WR.. and I don t know what to do)

does some one already swap with success? (or buy a white kit somewhere)

is it a DIY very hard to do? (modifying the YZ plastics is a not worth thing to do)

Do Acerbis or UFO have already product for sale? (we are already in March, in a few month 08 version is coming)

regards, fLAVIO




I already fit the radiator scoop... front fender, front number plate...

but for the rear fender... as I already looked..

it can be done in three ways...

1- find a new spot for the CDI unit and all the wires. and then the rear YZ fender its plug and play.

2- trash a rear original or replica rear fender of a WR 2007 and use "half" fender lower part and use the other "half" of the YZ rear fender and make a "puzzle" to have the upper part of the color you want of the YZ fender.

3- make with a "aluminium" sheet (because it easy to work with) a little box for the CDI unit be protected and stored in as in the WR rear fender.

And then use the YZ rear fender.

the rear fender fitment is more like a plug and pray...

for the rest is easy... for the Radiator Scoop I only one screw can t be done, the ones that are underneath the seat.

I bought Polisport White Kit of a YZ 2006

but I didn t already fit the rear fender... as soon I fit it.. I will post some pictures.


fLAVIO :applause:







"work in progress"

side panels, "seat" and rear mud guard... later.. :bonk:

cheers, fLAVIO









here it is done... :bonk:

cheers, fLAVIO

i dont get jelaous very often....................this might be an exception

lol :bonk:

the "big" trick is to put the CDI in the snorkle place on the airbox filter.

the only plastics that are original are the side plate (hopefully those were already white)

the radiator scoops the screw on the upper side of the WR fueltank won t fit, but the other 3 screw no problem.

mud guards.. no problem.. same place.

for the sticker kit.. it a FLUDESIGNS.

Black excel rims.

and its done.




Is that a YZ rear fender? If so, how did you get the tail light to fit?

with a little help from 3 little screw bolt-on from the top side of the mud-guard of the YZ


if you see carefully there 2 black dots near the "hinson" logo... that´s little screw.

the 3rd is not on the picture.

nothing like a little good DIY.



Could you post a pic of the new CDI location. Thanks.

BTW, cool setup :bonk:

the location is behind the white "arrows"


remove the "snorkle" on the airbox, you will have better airflow and room to re-locate the cdi.




I hope it will help you and others.



Thanks Flavio:thumbsup: Next time you have the seat and side panels off take a pic (or two) of the CDI in it's new home. Thanks again.

where did you get the kit? I like the white.

its a Polisport white complete plastic kit for YZ 450F 2006

I bought it here in Portugal, but you have it too in the US.

but you can buy from Acerbis or Ufo.



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