Caved in my FMF......

My FMF Powercore IV got smashed into the subframe on my 650R and the downpipe towards the connection to the headerpipe in bent/mildly collapsed. To visualize this...the tip of the Powercore is under the right side of the fender now.

I was going to heat it up and try to bend it back into place and hopefully get everything back where it should be. I know steelwork but am a bit nervous with this light weight material.

Has anyone done this and succeeded?

Dude - did you get hurt on that one? I hope you are alright.

I would go for the propane torch. Heat up everything that you want to bend. Try and get it a little bit glowing before you start to bend it. I have the Powercore 4 also. I believe that the tube upstream of the muffler can is Aluminum. This stuff cracks if it is bentback and forth too much (fatigue cracking). Steel is more forgiving.

Did you bend your header also?

Make sure to remove everything that can melt or burn just to be safe (gas tank, side panels, fender, battery, etc.) I would put a doubled up damp rag on top of anything you don't want to remove such as wiring and the subframe.

You may want to remove the spark arrestor so you can put a cheater bar (wood dowel or something) down the pipe for more leverage. when you are done, let the metal cool slowly to keep it ductile (bendable).

If you are lucky, it still works. If not, then you needed to buy a new one anyway.

The pipe from the silencer forward is mild steel, aluminum does not rust, mines got some rust on it. You can probably buy a new canister, direct from FMF, that part is stainless. And staighten out the baffle inside,(perforated pipe) then repack and use the existing tip. Try to take it all apart before you attempt to straighten. If you have a welder you may need to cut out the crimped part of the pipe and splice in a new piece. Good luck with it, let us know how it turns out. Oh, and if you want to keep the metal mallable (my guess is you dont) quench it with water. If you let it cool slowly it should remain where it is.

Gonna give it a whirl this week.

I'll post the results after its done.

Mission accomplished.

2x4 and a *little* heat.

Sub frame took a wrecking bar and no heat.

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