Just can't put my bike away!

I bought a new DL1000 because I wanted to try the dual sport thing but quickly found out it is way too heavy for anything unpaved, let alone off-road. So I sold it and picked up a used 2001 DR650 and started exploring the gravel roads all around central Iowa. I am loving it!! Two of my friends have KTM950's and we go riding gravel every Sunday we can. While both of them are experienced dirt riders, I find my DR has a big weight advantage and I can keep up with them everywhere but on the long straights. The V-Strom was SO wrong for me and the DR is SO right!

I didn't have any experience with unpaved stuff, but now I can cruise along at 60mph on all the gravel and have even learned how to control things through curves. The best thing about my DR is coming out of a curve and nailing the throttle! The big single has a great sound and it is really cool feeling the tire slip a bit under acceleration!

My history with bikes has always been large displacement touring bikes but Iowa is full of straight, boring paved roads and I was looking for something to make motorcycling exciting for me again. Now I am riding quiet country roads with lots of hills and plenty of curves, especially when following a river. I can ride as fast as I want without worrying about speedtraps and the thrills are coming at 60mph instead of triple digits. I feel that I'm at a lot less risk than I was while pushing my FJR1300 in the curves, and I'll still be able to attend a couple of my favorite camping rallies in the summer by throwing my gear on my add-on rack.

Today we rode in 36F temps and had a blast! We found some new roads to ride and, although I was a bit reluctant to ride on such a cold day, there was a smile on my face and I was able to turn on my electric jacket just enough to take the chill off. (How about another 50-60 watts, Suzuki?) I also have plans to truck down to Arkansas in February and ride some gravel down there. That's going to be awesome! I feel sorry for guys who store their bikes all winter and overlook the occasional mild day that is great for riding, I just can't bring myself to put my bike away that long!

Getting another road bike is still on my list but while I always had a nice road bike and kind of wanted a dual sport, now I have a nice dual sport and kind of want another road bike. When I get one, I have a feeling it will be the one parked in the back of the garage so my DR is handy for those quick gravel rides or even a short trip to the grocery store.:thumbsup:

great post and glad you like dual sporting. :thumbsup:

I feel the same way Dawg. Although it doesn't get nearly as cold here in SC I still enjoy riding even when the temp is below freezing (doesn't happen too often). In the summer time you had better be at work before 8:30 to get a parking spot in the motorcycle section or you are parking out in the big lot with the cages. In the wintertime there are usually only 4 or 5 bikes all winter. What a waste of riding time. Theres nothing like getting out of work an hour early and taking a quick trip down a gravel road to some woods trails just to get away. The DR is such a great stress reliever!! Hard to wipe the grin off my face. :thumbsup:

Yeah it's tuff, I'm in MI and was able to put 70 miles on the DR over the W/E...Legs got a bit chilly but the Widder vest really worked well keeping the main organs warm @ 35watts, no problems. I like Decembers like this!


I'm still riding...No way I'm quiting when it's in the 40's. Heated grips and the right clothing.. no problemo.

I did 120 miles yesterday. Winterize? Whats that? :thumbsup:

Winterize? Whats that? :thumbsup:

Ain't that what you do to your boat for a few months?

So like the block won't crack and the lower unit bust open from freezing ?

I can't find any water jacket on the DR so we are good to go !

I ride about every day,even if it is to burn up my grass keepin' up with the kid on his ATV-er...."Daddy do another wheelie !!!":applause:


Oppps! This fella forgot about that winter thing on his boat ! This spring he is going to Shhheeee-oouutttt comin' down that hill......:devil:

Thanks for the reinforcement, guys! I was pretty sure I wasn't all alone in this.

you guys have to try this out fit... I was riding my Dr in 2* weather doing about 75 and I was only cold around the face. the jacket and paints set is the greatest thing... you sweat when you walk in it.

You got our attention, now how about a link?:thumbsup:

I'm still riding. It's been down to 12 degree F around here in the mornings when I take off for work. Only place I get cold is just above the eye brows for some reason. Seem all the air that get thru the helmet and hood hit me there. As long as there is no snow I plan on riding. Today is rain and 40's, I rode to work.

I used to ride my SV sport bike almost every week but I've only ridden it twice since the DR was added to the garage last July. The DR is far more versatile and entertaining for me. A sport bike is fun but gets a little monotonous to me after awhile no matter how fast I'm going. Just last month, I took the SV up to Arkansas to ride some twisties, and ended up regretting not bringing the DR instead.

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