WR 426 very hard starting

Help the last 3 times i have had the bike out it has taken minimum of 10 minutes to start the filter is clean and the plug looks good the last straw is i took it out for a short morning ride to DWF and kicked the beast for 10 minutes then tried to push it then kicked it for another 5+ before it finally started is there something else i should look at i almost loaded it back in the truck it acts like its going to start just never starts also if i leave the fuel on it starts coming out of the overflow tube when i am kicking it help anyone please!!!

It's either time for a valve adjustment, your pilot jet is clogged, or your float is sticking. It sounds like a good time to clean your carb.

Sounds like the float bowl needle and seet are leaking and may be causing it to flood with excess fuel.

Time for a carb service. Its not that hard, Takes an hour or two.

Clean the Carb and check the valve adjustment.

When you are in the carb set the float level alittle lower I belive that the spring in the needle gets soft or looses some tension and that is how the bowl will flood I have had this happen . Search and you will see many people have had this problem. If the needle tip looks bad get a new one if it looks clean (no marks) set the float level alittle lower this will increase the pressure on the needle.

BTW there is a Float Bowl Drain Screw (allen) on the left lowest part of the float bowl use it to drain the carb after every ride and you wont have this problem again.

thanks all i will clean and re-adjust the carb and check the valves ...

i will let you know what i find out

and i was told about draining the carb after riding so i will start doing that too thanks again...

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