Difference Between WR426 and WR450?


Im looking at getting a WR but i cant find anywhere what the difference between these two bikes. Obvilsy the cc is one of the differences but what are the rest. Also what sort of speeds can the bikes achieve on road, as i will convert to SM spec as i spend most of the time on the road.



Electric Start!

so its just the CC and the electric start ???

completely different plastics.

there is a lot of small differences between the two. depending on the year. seat, air box, plastic, E Start, 426 3.1 g fuel tank, 450 has 2.1G fuel tank. Both are good bikes and both run strong after free mods. I have an 02 wr426

and I love it!!!

The 426 holds 1 1/2 quarts of oil and has a more open air box. But it does feel more top heavy. The dipstick and oil fill is in front of the tank, which is kinda of unhandy. All yz426 parts are interchangable with the wr426. That is all I can think of at the moment.

For what its worth, My old WR426 can outrun my buddies WR450 and CRF450X with my big butt on it. "Both are stock"

Im a big guy so the weight and top heavy stuff dont really matter to me.

Ive done the free mods, YZ auto cam, Airbox, Powerbomb Q2 combo, Scotts damper, Rekluse......

Its an awsome trail bike if taken care of properly. But they can be a handfull for an inexperianced rider.


so would you recomend a 426 over a 450??



so would you recomend a 426 over a 450??



I'd go with the button.

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