new exhaust for wr

Got a new pipe for x-mass, Yoshimura with titanium head pipe. No mj size included with instructions.Per service tech I went with mj175 WR has throtal limiter cut down, grey wire cut, airbox open. any suggestions or oppinions please reply


What are you going to do with the stock exhaust system? I would be interested if you give me a price..

Thanx, Jim

You may try a 175MJ, but you should tell more about your settings. Try the 175, chack the plug, your may have to stay with a 172 or 170 (commonly)

Good luck

I gotta admit I was a tad bit slow on this little mod but I have an extreme fear and dislike for carb work. Yesterday I got my bike back from the shop to have it rejetted,I am actually kinda embarassed that I took it in and payed for a shop to do this but oh well.

I have a y2k WR with white bros e-series s-bend and the shop put in a 45pilot from the original 42 and the main went from 165 to 170 fuel screw 2 turns out.

I had planned on waiting till sunday to find out how the changes did.......couldn't wait. At three this afternoon I loaded the bike and drove out to the trail for about fifteen minutes of daylight. Holy cow!!!!!!! The change was unbelievable. It starts twice as easy, no more hang just above idle, no more cough just as you roll on the gas and the power ouch!

Wish I had done this a long time ago!

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