magazine bikes

I just heard from the engine builder of Clark Styles who is now working for dunlop ,that the October issue of Dirt rider magazine that featured Clark styles race bike had my cams in it .They actually prefered the power of Clarks Yamaha over Nick Weys honda i thougt that was pretty cool .

I tell you Ron, for us guys that aren't Pro caliber the YZ works amazing. With a little jetting work my 06 YZ has the strong pull outta the corner that a CRF does except that it feels like it pulls stronger and longer. My overjumping things can attest to that. The 06+ YZ's just seem to lay it down better. NYK's bike looks like it has a ton of juice for the start but doesn't fair well anywhere else. Call it rider error or what you will, but I think the bikes kicking his ass.

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