what kind of oil in steering damper?

What kind of oil do I put in my Scott's damper?

I loosened the slow screw too much and then turned the bars and all of the oil shot out of it. someone said i could use ATF but I don't know.

Any help is really appreciated.

A light hydraulic fluid should be fine.. I would try hydraulic jack oil, its a light viscosity(sp)hydraulic oil...

According to the scotts manual, 2.5 wt suspension fluid or scotts damper fluid. The Scotts fluid has a nice bottle with a tip that fits into the fill holes perfectly.

If you go with something other than Scotts, try to find a syringe to inject the fluid. Much easier, I promise. Your vetwill have ones that fit perfectly, too.

Are you going to change the fluid as well?

I use Spectro 125/150 suspension fluid for Scotts dampers. This is as close as I have come to the stock Scotts fluid damping characteristics.

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