Anyone working on Plating there 07 WR fro California yet???

I really want to buy the 07 but my problem is that i have a built 99 with a plate and the plate means a lot to me:applause: . Has anyone plated in california their new 07 Wr yet:excuseme: ? I'm not going to buy one until I know I can plate it somehow:foul: . i don't want to start another plating discussion:foul: , just want to find out if it has been done yet and or anyone know of a dealer that i can buy it from that will plate it:ride: , please PM me. Thanks guys.

Anyone. Any thoguhs?? :thumbsup:

I'm in the same position as you. Would like a new e-start bike, but have to have the plate. Does not look good from what I see and it will only get harder in the future. I think the only option in the future will be to buy a factory "street" bike like KTM or Husky. Hope the big four wake up soon and plate their awesome 4-strokes.

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