Hollister Hills this Saturday?????

Anyone up for Hollister Hills this Saturday???? If the rains stays light this week it should be perfect riding conditions....

Hello Frank 42SIX is looking to ride at Hollister this weekend, if we could get a couple of days of sun it would be nice. Will let you know friday if I can make it.

I am only about 1.5 hours from Hollister and might like to go, however, I have never ridden there before.

where do you start ? Where do you go ? are there any maps ?

You get my drift... any help is much appreciated.


Okay its supposed to be sunny tomorrow and Friday then chance of showers Saturday... Its been 3 weeks for me and I am going rain or shine... We can meet at the mini track....Enter the park stay on the main road and make a 180 degree left turn at the first intersection.. I have a white Tacoma Truck and my WR has Police/FireMX.com graphics (yellow)

Its drying up rapidly guys... Its time to open up those big bore thumpers!!!!!!! :):D

Atilla, Hollister has maps of the trails, a store with food and bike parts, rangers who will ticket you for speeding on the main roads in and out of the park, and alot of different terrain from sand to clay and everything in between. If its too wet stick to the high road, and trails leading up to Tule Lake. If you dare venture to the front of the park there are alot of two track trails through the trees that are a blast. Most of the trails are one way, with one of my favorites being Harmony Gate trail. Its an easy trail that is a blast when ridden fast. Don't forget Peats Path and Jays Way, and if you like your trails extremely tight try the Troll Trail (not for the faint of heart) :) Hollister has a little of everything which IMO makes for a great day of riding. Try the Vintage Motocross track and the TT track for a good warm up.

hope this helps, Huge

Hey guys I will see you all there on saturday. Big white ford 4 door with a grey trailer with YAMAHA & KAWASAKI DECALS. What time we all gonna meet. 8:30am

Ride Often And Ride Safe

Okay Unkle Moose 0830 it is..... See you there!!!!

Hey guys,

Howard Huge and I are going to Clear Creek Saturday instaed of Hollister. You guys should come and join us. It's only an hour from Hollister and the riding is MUCH better. We will be meeting at Jerry's in Hollister at 7:00 A.M. for breakfast and leaving around 7:30. Trust me guys, this is soo much better compared to Hollister, you shouldn't miss it.


I'll be heading to clear creek Saturday also. I agree, Clear Creek is 100% better than Hollister. If you do go to C.C Make sure you go with somebody who knows the tarrain. I've been there about 10 times and still get lost.

Mike, where are you parking. I'll be in staging area 1 with a few friends, red Toyota 4x4 around 9am. Doug

Its going to have to be Hollister this weekend but I would love to ride Clear Creek in the near future.... Keep me posted...Be safe.... :)

Where is Clear Creek? Thanks.


Howard, myself, and Howards dad (slow Jim) will be at staging area #1 at about 9:00 also. I'll be driving my black Dodge ram 4x4 and pulling a blue trailer with three bike. If you've been there ten times you've been there more than me. We sometimes get lost too but nothing too bad. GPS would be perfect for this place! I need to get setup. See you tomorrow.


Clear creek is between King City and Coalinga. We take highway 25 south from Hollister. I think it's about 50 miles or so on the left side. An excellent place to ride.


WhoyaCrisH, Clear Creek is in Colinga off Hy 25 . Some of us are meeting at Keefers restaurant in King City right off HY 101 at 8am. One guy is coming from Paso Robles. It is an other 45 min East of K.C to Clear Creek. You are welcome to come along. Doug

Hey guys not gonna make it saturday to Hollister. Had some stuff come up at work and will be working. Every going to Hollister or Clear Creek have a fun safe raid.


We'll meet next time. I met your friend Tim, who saved my bacon! Weren't the conditions great! I'll post our next ride, do the same and we'll hook up.


Mike, sorry I missed you guys. Had about 5hrs of good hard riding and had to go. I'm glad tim was able you out. Doug

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