NEED HELP! AP diaphram and TPS

Bike has been sitting for a while, I know shame on me. Going riding on Thursday. Was getting the bike tuned up and found it riding rough. Found the AP diaphram destroyed and suspect a bad TPS as it is riding rough at higher rpm. I disconnected it and it seems to run fine. Problem is I cannot find these in stock. I'm in Socal. If anyone knows where I can get these overnighted or at least find them closer to me it would be appreciated.

I would highly doubt that your TPS is bad. It might need to be adjusted, but if it's giving you the correct OHMs reading, then the actual part itself should be fine.

Have you tried throughly cleaning your carb and jets?

Buy a new diaphragm and skip the TPS. I would think Sudco has both. But the TPS isnt needed.

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