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Whats the dif' , Canadian vs. US 99'?

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I test rode a 99 wr400 Canadian today with the welded steel pipe.

The owner said that the Canadian bike doesn't have the other restrictions (throttle, airbox and timing).

I brought along a 2000 XR650R with the power up intake and exhaust tip with the correct jetting. The Honda had so much more power everywhere that I have to question his information.

Can anyone tell me if the YZ type mods are all this bike needs to come alive?


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My bike started life as a '99 Canadian WR before I changed everything to YZ on it. It doesn't have the throttle limiter but it does still come with "WR cam timing" still had the restrictor boot in the airbox inlet, and it also came with that ridiculous exhaust with the opening about the size of a quarter. The carb needle is different, it has one that I've never seen mentioned here by anyone else... but it runs great, I have DSP exhaust, YZ timing, no octopus, one size bigger pilot than stock and the main is a 172 if I remember right (168 was stock). I tried a 178 main twice and it makes the bike feel really flat and mushy like... the 172 main makes it bark, it's really crisp.

I don't think there are too many other differences with the Canadian bike, I do get a green sticker and it is street licensed here in California so I don't know if US '99 bikes get red or green sickers.

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