Trouble shifting 1st to 2nd

I had to replace 4th gear on my 426 during this past off-season... the bike has been running "ok" since I put it all back together except it often does not want to shift into 2nd gear. I'll have to kick 4 or 5 times and usually requires a little bit of throttle for the gear to catch. Any ideas?

When I rebuilt the tranny I replaced both 4th gears, 2nd wheel gear, and the shift forks. I did not replace the shift drum... could the drum be causing the problem? Or maybe I just assembled everything a little less than perfect?

I'll be tearing the whole thing apart next week to replace my now failing 5th gear (:thumbsup: I know... shoulda done it the first time... don't kick me when I'm down :devil: ) so I hope to cure my 2nd gear issue as well.


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