650 fork question

I've got something happening with my forks that I'm not sure is normal. I pulled the cap and spring to check the oil level. When I push the tube into the slider the last 1 1/2" gets noticeably stiffer before it hits bottom. When I pull it back up there is resistance and a clicking noise before it feels normal.

I haven't noticed this before on other forks and I'm wondering if that last 1 1/2" is even part of the normal travel range when the fork is assembled. I've looked around and can't find any other discussion on this.



Yes, it gets almost stuck at the bottom and then when you pull back up the rebound piston jumps and clicks against the compression valve. Be carefull not to pull the fork open to far.

Thanks for the reply BWB63. It sounds like you've experienced what I'm seeing. Both forks do it, but I was still a little concerned.

So when the fork is assembled, will it travel all the way to that point?


Most bikes can't use the forks to that point. The triple clamp bind the boots and hit before you get that far? My bike the fork brace hits before that even happens.


Thanks again for the detailed info.


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