Warm/hot rear brake rotor?

My rear rotor gets warm/hot even when not being used. Is this normal. If I travel down a fast trail, without using the rear brake, the rotor is hot to the touch.

I replaced the rotor, pads and rebuilt the caliper. Any other idea's? Wheel bearings?

Its normal for it to be pretty warm but not so hot that it burns you.

It doesn't get hot enough to burn but my front rotor is cool under the same conditions.

Sounds normal?

Your front rotor has great airflow to it to cool it down, while the rear rotor does not. This may be enough to get the rotor warm to the touch even if you do not use it.

It may not be easy to see, but if the rear wheel is even the slightest bit out of alignment, you will drag the pads slightly. This will also add to the heat factor in the rear rotor. It is much more difficult to have the rear wheel perfectly centered.

Did you flush the old fluid? Apply the proper lubricant so that it floats correctly? I agree warm is normal but hot without use, somethings not right! Could be as simple as wheel alignment, or as hard as having a bent or distorted caliper mount.

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its normal.

My experience is the rear rotor warps pretty easily. I had to do pads & a rear rotor about 500 miles ago. I bought a standard replacement EBC rotor, and it's already warped, even though I torqued the bolts correctly.

Like the others, I say check the rear wheel alignment first. If it's a 650R, don't trust the adjustment marks, they don't line up. The best thing to do is measure each side from the center of the swing arm nut to the center of the axle. If you want to eliminate rotor warpage, you can order a EBC two piece rotor kit. A two piece rotor will not warp near as easily, but it has a larger diameter, so it can be more prone to getting hit against rocks , ect.

Also, make sure the sliding pins on the caliper are clean and greased. If the caliper does not float, one of the pads will rub. You may notice one pad wearing more than the other if the sliding pins are sticky.

If it's not burning hot, I wouldn't worry too much. just like a car, the pads are suppost the touch rotor slightly. This will create some heat.

Like eastreich said, the rear rotor does not get near as much air flow because of the plastic guard.

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