Here I sit broken hearted...

Tried to ride, couldn't get it started.

Man this sucks. I hate the winter. I am a warm weather man at heart. If I could live in CA, FL or AZ I would do it in a heartbeat. All I want to do is throw my leg over my bike and ride.

But I guess if I am going to live in a winter zone, you can't be Colorado. You do get lucky once in a while and get in a couple of rides in the winter. And the views can't be beat. And the winter is pretty mild compared to the midwest or Buffalo :D

But I just can't convice my wife to move to any other place. But I have friends in AZ trying to talk her into it :D

So anyone having a good week in football? Not me. My Boilermakers couldn't pull it out. The CU Buffalos just looked sick. And The Big Ten is getting their butts kicked all over the place. Thank God for the Bears. Yeah, I was laughed at for sticking with them all these years, but I am having the last laugh. I'm telling you, look out for those Bulls too :)

Happy New Year to all! Here is to a safe, fun, fast year of riding!

Hey Dougie, how did you like them DUCKS? I think they should be ranked #1. But the BCS(what does the C stand for?) thinks otherwise.

Here in Oregon when it gets cold, the traction gets better. Frozen mud is great.

Originally posted by Dougie:

Thank God for the Bears. Yeah, I was laughed at for sticking with them all these years

I grew up in Chicago. I have been loyal to the bears for 40 years. This year has been almost as good as '85 when they won the Super Bowl.

GO BEARS!!!! :)


Yea, How bout my


Yo Dougie -

My KX starts on the first kick in those COLD Hare Scrambles you can't seem to make. :)

Jan 20th is the next one. Think you can get your scooter started by then?

So you still can't help but hang out at the old stomping grounds huh Scott? I am planning on making the next race, provided it is 45 degrees or above :)

The ride starts. I don't on those cold days.

:D I got's one word for y'all "NEBRASKA". It's dangerous being a cornhuskers fan in Boulder CO. :D:D:D

I know I know, I'll probably be eating this post come Friday night. :) Man I wish I could go ride.


First nice day we get, I have a couple friends that are going to Berthoud. You guys should come up. I'll post when we go if you are interested?

Dodger, how much work was it to get your bike legalized?

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