Off with the races...

....the steering head races that is. Next on the list of bike projects are new steering head bearings. I was able to pound out the lower race, but the top one won't all. I'm no surgeon with a torch so that seems like it will do more harm that good. Any advice?

If you can't get it out any other way, you can do this:

You say you're not a surgeon with a torch, and I'll take your word for it, but can you hold it in one particular place? I'll bet you can. Use a welding tip. With a fairly hot flame, heat the race on the inside, right in the middle of the bearing surface, until you have caused a red spot in one place only. The quicker you get it hot, the less heat will be transfered elsewhere. Do it fast enough, and you won't even hurt the paint (if any). This will actually work to shrink the race by relieving the tension holding it in place. You should then be able to remove it quite easily.

Thanks for the advice. I can follow that plan for sure. BTW, anyone 426ers planning on doing the Adelanto in Feb?

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