another newbie,another tire question 650L

When i bought my 650l the seller gave me the stock dunlop 850 tires off the bike,They are brand new.The rear tire that he put on is now cooked so i need a new rear.My question is..Is the dunlop 850 really that bad of a tire?I hate to not use a brand new tire but if its going to put me on my head in the dirt I will leave it off.I will be riding a combination of on and off road.In north michigan we have a fair amount of sand.Am I better off to just buy a k270 or dunlop 606 or is the 850 decent.Also is a 90 90 21 a correct size for front(will it work).This is my first post on this site,Im sure you guys get bombarded with stupid tire questions constantly,any advise would be appreciated

Welcome, wooden indian, to Thumpertalk.....I'm sure a " L " guy will spout off sooner or late...:thumbsup:


The 90/90-21 will work fine on the front. I currently am running the 606's & they have done well so far I have about 1500 mi. on them on my 650L. When the rear is done I plan to try the Kenda K760 Trakmaster II, it is supposed to be better off-road. I have had the Kenda 270 wich is a good all around tire but i spend most of my time in the dirt.

What is a Dunlop 850? Never heard of it. Looked on Dunlop's website and couldn't find it.

Welcome to TT where you can make friends and learn all kinds of cool stuff.I ride the xr650L and love mine.90/90-21 is fine has a slightly lower profile so is better at corner turn in than a 90/100. Go with either the dunlop 606 in 130/90-18 R or try out the teraflex tire lots of poeple love those, havent tried it myself yet. Heres a link

Thanks guys,Guess ill keep stock tires on moth balls

All i can say is the stock tires are fine on anything except mud/wet conditions...I liked the Pirelli MT-21's for 3k but the rear didn't seem to like mud(would not clean out). The Kenda Trakmaster II K760(rear) has been really good offroad, a bit squirrely onroad with a definite 'howl', mileage tbd....

I currently am running the MT-21 front & K760 rear and like it.


Oh, I meant to mention the stock tire if indeed brand new you can sell on ebay for $15-20, or mount it up for that burn out compitition.

Once you put a good set of tires on there you'll never go back to stock unless you only ride on the street. I have a cool set of Avons for that. I'm happy with the Pirelli RallyCross front and rear. I've gone through a few sets of them with consistently good results. Great offroad, a little noisy on road and pretty decent wear/life. I might try the teraflex next. I like that big honkin' beefy knob look. It will also terrify my riding buddys cuz I'm always in front of them chucking big rocks at them. They hate it when I get a new tire.:thumbsup:

If you are over 50% dirt riding, I would go with Dunlop 606's. I run a 606 rear on my 650R. You sacrifice a little grip against a Dunlop 739, but the 606 will last much longer. I personally HATE the 606 front. I've been running a dunlop 952 on the front. Even though it's not a DOT tire, it still seems to do pretty good on the road.

If you go with a 606 rear, buy a 130/90/18, not the 120/90/18. The 120/90/18 looks really small and thin compared to a 110/100/18 D739. The 130/90/18 D606 looks big and aggressive. I have never tried a D850 tire, but looking at the tread, it doesn't appear to be a very good dirt tire.

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