07 450 with metal shavings on magnet

No such claim has ever been made for synthetic oils. Energy conserving oils, almost all of which happen to be synthetic have made claims of reducing friction, but that's it. Synthetics are more durable in several ways, and their formulation is better controlled by virtue of the fact that they are manufactured, rather than refined.

Well maybe i got that thought in my head because of the commercial for mobil 1 that shows motors going for 200k miles with virtually no wear.

Lack of wear is not caused by a lack of friction, but by a lack of any contact between the load bearing surfaces of the engine's moving parts. That is what oil should do.

I have a 01 yz 426 . I had quite a lot of shavings in the oil [ I change my oil about every 3-4 hrs.] After splitting the cases for inspection I found no signs of damage or wear marks. After riding it again it still made more shavings. splitting the cases again I found the problem . The clutch basket expanded at high rev's rubbing against the right side case. the fix was a Hinson clutch basket. 426 owners don't forget to clean out the frame reservoir.

well its good to know its nothing tranny related.

I cringe too. If he ever had an oil analysis performed he would understand why its important to change your oil every ride.

The oil is slightly goldish brown but still very transparent at 15 hrs. I work in road construction and they send oil samples in all the time for heavy equipment so I could send a sample in out of curiousity

. However, my sons' 04 250 F (fast B, pro next year) has 3 racing seasons on it already, 180 hrs. got a new ring and piston done at Vickery MS ,once but it not only has the original valves but incredibly has the original shims. The oil is cheap, and so are the filters , I just don't see why you think these things wear oil out so fast. I think it's a "feel good" thing and can't hurt to change it too often unless of course the threads for the filters or drain bolts get messed up.

like I said, the '04 has been awesum, fast, easy starting and reliable. That's why we got the '07 YZ450F. The 04 will have it easy next year only racing the 125 class. It's been doing 125 and Open for the last 3 years. It'll hang with the 450's but like he says, life is so much easier on a 450, now that he has one.

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