eng problems ,HELP

I have a 01 426, been geting small amounts of metal shavings in oil filter for years .I read that that was normal , but for the last six months it seems its been getting worse and im getting a vibration also now .

My last oil change I found a lot of shavings and decided it was time to tear in to it to find the cause .So far I have the piston and up off ,and both sides but no problem yet , I did find a small 1/16 peice of chewed metal , not a shaving, stuck in the flywheel magnet along with a lot of greasy gunk with built up filings on the magnets , could that possably be the vibration prob? but still no idea where it is coming from .

Im going to tear into the gearbox next I guess , any ideas or sugestions on what to look for or advice on going into the gearbox , never been in one but theres deffinatly something slowly decintegrating somewhere . Any advice would be apreciated , Thanks ,Darren

Sounds like the end bearing and seal is going out on your ride.

you meen like the sprocket shaft?

No, the left crank bearing on the flywheel side.

That seems fine , no up and down movement that I can see , guess ill split the case and look a little deeper and a little closer at crank bearings

It has been a little stiffer on shifting ,(little) not much , poss a shift fork or something , hate to go into the trans but Im possative something is broke and if I dont it will break more and be real bad , right now it still runs STRONG

How else do you explain the crap on the flywheel?

When you split your cases, hold the bearings up to a light so you can see the inner races, I do a lot of gear work and many times bearings will feel ok, but when you hold them up to a light you can see the races flaking. The races always seem to crap out before the rollers.


How else do you explain the crap on the flywheel?
The flywheel, because of it's relatively large inside diameter and the fact that there are large, powerful magnets there, is a sort of accidental centrifugal oil filter. Metal particles so fine that they normally circulate in the oil harmlessly become trapped there as a greasy feeling paste. Over time, it can form a layer of almost dry, nearly solid compacted debris that can be scraped out, and is surprisingly thick. But its presence is entirely normal.

Well I got it apart last night ,the engine and gearbox is in complete disassembly now . I just seen the post on holding bearing to light ill do that tonight because otherwise they all look fine .I did find one small corner chip on one of my engager jaws that meets the gear had a chip missing that possable matched the peice I found in the flywheel .Could I be so lucky that the only chip of metal I found was the only one there was .If so great but it still dont explain the small vibration or the big amount of filings in the oil filter .As far as I can see that one engager jaw has a little wear on the engager ears but it dont look real bad ?

Are you sure that the piece's in your oil filter are metal. I find aluminum particles in mine all the time, It believe its tiny pieces of the clutch basket.

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