Toolstorage XR650R?

Where should the original tools be stored on the XR 650R?:thumbsup:

XR650R ------ does not need tools.

XR650L ------ the "tool" is on the seat. :thumbsup:

As you surely have noticed, there are no provisions for storing the tools. The 650L has a location just not the 650R. You will most likely need to mount a fender bag of some sort.

A fanny pack tool kit is cool but you have to remember to take it with you. Or you can mount a fender bag.

But in reality the only tool you will most likely need is a tire repair kit.

I have a rear fender bag, and a home made tool kit I've put together. I would recommend 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, & 14mm wrenches, or sockets with and extension. Also, I'm not sure what size of allen wrench is needed of the front bolt of the right side foot peg, but that would be handy to have. A few extra metric bolts is a good idea. If you haven't used and lock-tight on the right side foot peg, or rear fender, you'll likely loose a few bolts. I lost a front caliper bolt once.

Moose rear fender bag....

Picture 021.jpg

Front and rear fender bags. front for tire stuff. rear for tools

front and rear fender pack and a set of "DirtBagz" Saddle bagz and a Fanny pack and backpack and and 7 gallon fuel tank complete with a fuel pump and you got yourself a 500lb PIG like mine,

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