Starting trouble on dualsport (starter?)

Here's documentation so far:

I'm now guessing the problem lies in my starter motor, as when I apply power directly to it, it can barely turn itself over. It's explained a little more in the thread above. Maybe a video would help so you can hear how the starter is having trouble turning over?

Remove the startermotor and change the brushes(coals?)?:thumbsup:

Welcome to TT. Have your battery tested under a load. Any auto parts store can do that for you, free. A weak battery will eventually cause the brushes to burn on the starter, but they are amazing, never seen a bad one. As for the discharge sounds like a burnt diode in the rectifier. Do you have a manual? Ohm the wires at the rectifier, pretty much all combinations of wires should ohm out between 500-10k.

Good call on the auto store testing the battery.

I guess it's still up in the air as to what the problem may be. Bad battery could be likely, but then, how did it go bad in the first place? I don't really know because I bought the bike and it started fine. Two weeks later I went to start it and it was crap....

Tonight, I plan to see if the bike can start with the SV1000 (streetbike) battery and rule out the starter. Then it's on to the battery and electrical. I have the flowdown for the charging system troubleshooting by Electrosport and plan to peruse that. I need the bike started for that first.

I'll see what I can do tonight, and I'm sure I'll have something to tell and/or ask afterwards.

Batteries are like some marriages, (not mine, I got lucky) they start to go bad once their hooked up, mostly due to sulfation, (long periods of not being used, causes this). Then sometimes they just seem to quit, you think they are charging but they are not, they show volts but actually have very little amperage.

Its like whats more deadly 1 volt with a 100 amps behind it, or a 100 volts with 1 amp behind it?

Either one can do some serious damage, but I'd take the 100 volts and 1 amp. 100 amps at any voltage will fry your brain.

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