Ice Cube Cylinders

well i started looking into different options for adding power and came across the max power ice cube cylinder kits....just wanted to know if any one had any expierence with this set up.....thank you

I have a buddy who runs the kit on a CRF450. He seems to like it very well and the build quality is great but he still gets beat! He would never admit whether it was worth it or not after spending that much change. If you need a freshen up, I could see it. If I only increase displacement by say 10%, should I expect more than a 10% increase in power? I believe it takes an exponential increase to be noticeable.

For a mere mortal (like most all of us are here), more cubes won't make us faster in the woods or on the track.

Skiill of the rider...

In my humble opinion, these 450's make more power than any of us can manage.

Now if your name is Chad, Bubba, Ricky, etc. I'd say more cubes might make you faster.

If you haven't gotten your suspension done by someone that knows what they're doing, I'd say spend your fun tokens on that upgrade before all others.


Dirty,i'm sorry i didn't put in the post that the engine in a quad between the extra weight of the quad and haveing to spin an axle and two wheels some power is lost..Now add to the fact that i'm 265 that engine is doing alot of work:mad:

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