07 WR intro

Cant find any 07 WR intro's here???????????

scroll down a couple inches, and click on the 1st vid in the top right corner of the video boxes. The viosport ad plays for about 10 seconds then it goes into the 07 WR test ride in Costa rica.

that was a cool video:applause: :thumbsup:

No Intro All that's in the top right corner is an MV Agusta Brutale....SC

Top left.... :thumbsup:

Top left.... :devil:

Top left is harley :thumbsup:

Nce video!:thumbsup: wish it would have been a little longer though.

Very nice VIDEO!!!



Very nice video. I can't wait to ride one

I agree, Although it's a nice video... Yamaha paid dirt rider to go down to Costa Rica for a week and promote their new bike. What kind of review would you give them if they offered you to do this. In my mind this is a dealer review which means nothing to me. Listen up Yamaha.......I really want to buy this bike but am waiting to see the pros independant tests for a true unbiase opinion to make my final decision. Until that happens, im not buying one. GIVE ME A TRUE REVIEW. :thumbsup:

Come on guys, this video clip wasn't posted to be the "authority" on WR reviews. Instead, I'm sure it was posted for entertainment - at which it succeeded. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lighten up. You can read the full reviews in upcoming issues of several motorcycle magazines and then post comments to your heart's content - but for now, just enjoy video clips like these.

It' looks cool to me! Seems like it will be a killer platform for a streetable SM.

Didn't see any video. Says the WR450 and 250 video will be out December 25. Guess I'm waiting.

I can't even get close to using all my 05 model but those guys do make the 07 look like its easier to move around.

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